media (podcasts, blogs etc.)

media (podcasts, blogs etc.)

Personally, I think one of the most valuable advancements of human society is the ease at which we can share stories, ideas and experiences. There are so many people to learn from and things we can learn about. Here are some of my favorite sources of inspiration. What are some of yours?

Websites & Blogs


Man Repeller
My favorite website for fashion, culture and community. The number of times my friends and I say “Have you seen this article on Man Repeller?” in daily conversation is a testament to the MR’s ability to generate relatable and thought-provoking content in an industry that is often considered vacuous and consumeristic.

The articles analyze the interactions between business, technology and society — three topics that I am excited to explore through my career. Thompson’s articles are insightful and easy to understand.


The Daily
A great way to keep up with current events, especially when you want enough information to be able to begin forming an opinion around a specific topic and to hold a conversation about it. 

Optimal Living Daily
Short podcasts that narrate the likes of articles and blog posts, covering a variety of practical topics such as motivation, relationships and personal finance. I really appreciate the fact that these podcasts are ~10 minutes long and released daily — this makes them great as background audio when getting ready in the morning.

Really well-produced and well-written podcasts that tell stories with a focus on science and philosophy. One of the first podcasts I ever started listening to!